Custom Research

The right research can make you more successful. We understand the unique challenges of your role, whether you're focused on Marketing, Product Management, Design, or serving in an Executive Leadership role.


The marketing organization is focused on creating, promoting, and protecting the overall brand of the company.

Research can help the marketing team ensure alignment between messaging and brand values, understand the factors leading to customer churn, and ultimately, increase sales.

  • How do people perceive your brand compared to the competition?
  • Do your customers fall into segments based on how they buy and use your products?
  • What is the most effective way to frame messaging for your brand?
  • Why do customers leave your company for competitors?

Product Management

Product managers are tasked with all phases of product development and launch. They typically have to negotiate competing priorities and constraints among designers, development, operations, marketing, etc.

Research can help reduce time and cost of development (e.g., specifying a minimum viable product or service, engage in RITE or Agile research), improve customer satisfaction and acceptance rate, and increase product margins.

  • What are the use cases for a product?
  • What features do customers want in a product or service?
  • How should elements be organized?
  • What are the behaviors and patterns of your target market?
  • What is the minimum required to test a product or service?
  • How are features prioritized, and what will people pay for those features?


The designer is responsible for the look, feel, usability, and enjoyment of the product. Incorporating user perspectives throughout the design process helps to ensure a successful product.

Research helps the designer create a minimum viable product, increase customer satisfaction, validate design direction, and identify pivot points before cost precludes change.

  • What should prototypes and wireframes look like?
  • What features are needed for a MVP?
  • How navigable is a product?
  • What message is the design sending to users?
  • Does the design follow best practices?

Executive Leadership

Executive leadership is concerned with the big picture and overall direction of the company. Research can help you target the most effective ways to improve things like brand loyalty, customer advocacy, profitability, and efficiency.

  • What drives NPS scores for your company?
  • How can you convert “passives” into “promoters?”
  • What are your competitors doing that you should emulate or avoid?
  • What does your brand mean to your customers?
  • What are your customers’ pain points throughout their journey with the company?

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